Picking Up the Pieces

I am a afraid that the only way to begin this article is through a child’s story, one that we all are quite familiar with – The Three Little Pigs. There is not need to rehash the story, but it goes as following. There were 3 pigs, all of whom were building houses. There was a wolf, who wanted to eat the 3 little pigs. The first pig built his house out of straw, because it was the easiest thing to do. The wolf blew that down, as easily as it was made. The second pig, built his home out of sticks, because it was stronger than straw. But, the wolf blew that down too. The third pig, after seeing what his brothers went through, decided to build his home out of bricks. The wolf tried, but he failed to blow the 3rd pigs house down.
You’re probably wondering what a child story has to do with life. Well, it has everything to do with life. There are possible a dozen or more morals that you can take from this fable, but one that I would like to elaborate on is “Third Time’s A Charm”. We’ve all heard it, it’s based of the knowledge that the first time you try something, it’ll probably fail. Your second attempt is meant to learn from the first, and if that fails. You know what NOT to do for the 3rd attempt – making it the most successful. Let’s acknowledge that, there are some circumstances that make require more than 3, but for the sake of the argument, let’s assume 3.
We are human, and thus immortal. We can be broken down, only to be built back stronger than before. The number of times in which we will be broken down is innumerable, leaving our strength to be infinite.
The proverbial human heart was designed to break, so that it could build back stronger than before. Through the course of our lives, we go through various experiences that leave us depressed, broken-hearted, confused, bewildered, or lost. The one thing that you must do for yourself and only yourself, is pick up the pieces of your life. We’ve all been there, and yes, we’ve all done that. Laying on the floor, crying your eyes out, blaming yourself may be a huge release, but it cannot last forever. You’re eventually going to have to get up, dry your eyes, and move forward. And while it may be a long, hard, emotionally trying experience, it’ll be one of the best lessons of your life.
I want to talk more about heartbreak, because it’s a topic that most people have in common. While it maybe be different for ever person, the one common denominator is that it hurts. I choose to believe that no one person enjoys heartbreak. Being in a relationship with someone, sharing a part of your life, engaging in emotional experiences, and devoting time to that person are all things we are not able to get back once they’re gone.The ending of a relationship, if you let it, can be a traumatic experience. Speaking 100% from my situation, heartbreak has been emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally exhausting. I’ve blamed myself on more occasions than I can remember. I’ve cried, more tears than there are raindrops in the sky. I have been more broken-hearted than I could have ever imagined possible. What sparked the change in my life was #1 GOD. I am a complete believer that HE will never put more on me than I could bare. So, I know what I am going through, HE will bring me through. After belief being restored was the need for personal gratification. No man or woman should be responsible for your happiness. You have to be happy for yourself, you have to want your own happy, and it will come. Making the decision to no longer want to waste time crying over spilled milk, will allow a flood a endorphins to enter your life. Try something new, start exercising, doing something for yourself. Proving to yourself that you can be happy again without you significant other by your side, will help. I’m not saying you won’t have bad days, there will always be bad days. I still can’t help myself, it’s life. You just learn to wish harder for better days.

Heartbreak doesn’t have to last forever, it lasts for as long as you let it. If you decide to do nothing, you chose to receive nothing.

Here comes the cheesy portion. If you’re experiencing heartbreak, or anything of the such, you’re not alone. There are others that have went through it, and many who have gotten through it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to either. Every person deserves to be happy, regardless of whether they are single or in a relationship. The best way to start your happiness is with yourself.

Above all be blessed,


One thought on “Picking Up the Pieces

  1. You are quite insightful: “Heartbreak doesn’t have to last forever, it lasts for as long as you let it. If you decide to do nothing, you chose to receive nothing.”

    …and you sound educated too lol jk you don’t just “sound” you Are.

    You’ve come a long way & this is only the beginning. Proud of you ->not, that it matters but still just thought you should know that 😉

    Loving you

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