If You Let It…

This is one of my more personal pieces. Like I said in “Concept of a Blog – The Beginning”, I am only using experiences from my life or that which I see through my eyes. This is about holding on…

Negative experiences are bound to happen in our lives. People hurt us, they lie to us, they cheat, they steal, and sadly, they kill. Each of the aforementioned situations being sinful in nature. I speak from a Christian point-of-view because that is who I am – a Christian woman.

Holding on to grudges does nothing but allow that person to dwell in the house of your heart. When you hold on to how someone hurt you, how they lied, how they cheated, what they stole, whom they killed, you’re only giving them the power.

From a Christian standpoint, holding grudges is a sin…if you think about it. Let’s think. If we sin, but we are serious about our faith and religion, we ask for forgiveness from the LORD. We ask that HE forgives us our sins, renew our hearts, guide us, and keep us. Or something along those lines. With a sincere heart, the LORD will grant us our wish, because HE sees the complete potential in us. And HE knows that if we’re true to our word, that we will stay focused. HE always forgives. The ONE thing that ALWAYS trips me out if that the LORD, can forgive easily, but MAN…oh Man is a completely different situation. Man will hold onto grudges for extended periods of times. Why do they think they’re more high & mighty than HE, that they can hold something over someone’s head. Do you know that it does no good for you to hold on? Yes, I know I hurt you. I know I said things that I wish I could take back. But the fact of the matter is, that I can’t take it back. What I said was 100% in the heat of the moment. I didn’t think about how it would or could affect you. But does that one moment, or a small culmination of bickering spats mean that it’s all completely over? I never thought it would amount to that, but it did. I can’t change that or your mind.

Next to holding on, is the topic of belief. I believe in an relationship, regardless of whether it is “just friends”, best-friends, or one of love, that belief in the other person should be a constant. People change, people make mistakes, and they say things that they don’t mean. But, you’re accountable to that person, you should always believe in their utmost potential. When you love someone you only want to see them be successful and happy. You work to make sure that happens for that person. You build them up. When your loved one changes, you have to believe that it’s for the best, then you have to make the best out of it. When they say things they don’t mean, you have to believe that they are truly sorry. When a person says they changed, you should believe them, no matter how many times they may claim, because you don’t know what GOD did within them, you don’t know what HE’s been working on in their spirit. They could have become a better person, but you lost the belief in them, that you just walked away. Yes, I’ll acknowledge that there may be a point where enough is enough, but when you believe the best in a best, you’ll know.

I read a comment, by a woman of GOD that meant a lot to me, she said, ” When in a relationship…remember Love is about SERVICE and CONTINUAL FORGIVENESS…they go hand in hand & it is a choice.” When you think about it, she’s absolutely right. Love is about service to GOD, praising HIM for providing you with that person, with that outlet. It is about service to that person, making sure their needs are met, they are focused, provided for, cared for, and loved. And, when the situation calls for it, it’s about continual forgiveness. No one ever said that we’re perfect, we’re designed to mess up, make mistakes, and fall short. That doesn’t mean that we’re bad people, it means we’re human. Continual forgiveness makes you, as a couple stronger, because you can always grow and move forward together. If you’re in a relationship, constantly remember and trust GOD. Keeping HIM first, is the key to keeping your relationship.

As I come to know more about myself daily, I find that no relationship is too far gone. Yes, some people just “can’t be together”, but if they worked at it, there’s NO telling the miracles that they could create. I believe there are guidelines and issues that must be communicated, but I believe that every relationship has the opportunity to be something great, if you let it.

Above all be blessed,


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