Never Leave Your Baggage

Just like when you go on a vacation, you never leave your baggage. When you’re at the airport, you never leave your baggage unattained. Equatable to all of these situations, is how you should conduct yourself in a relationship.

Motivation Speaker, Tony Gaskins once stated, “When in a relationship, leave some room for YOU, just in case the other person decides to leave”
Probably one of the most important personal rules, that we all manage to break, some way of another. We get caught up in relationships. We tend to put our “all” into the other person, with the belief that THAT will somehow make the relationship flourish or be better. What we fail to realize that the more we invest into ONE person, the less we invest into ourselves, meaning that we deteriorate in the process.

Never leave your past relationships out of your current or future relationships. This about this. Your past is the culmination of your present self. The you, you are now, is made up of your past experiences, whether it be relationships or experiences. Where you came from and what you went through make up the person that you are at this very moment.
I was talking to a friend that was going through a breakup the other day. She said that she hoped that she didn’t carry over the negative experiences of this previous relationship into her future one. I told her, that she was being ludicrous. That she should be proud of the experiences that she went through and she should also be willing to pick up what she went through and bring it to the next, because that is how she became the woman that she is. I say this, so that you never leave your baggage. The next man or woman, that you enter into a relationship with, should be an “upgrade” from your last. That is to say, that he/she should be more than able to handle your past experiences, helping you grow and learn.

Never leave your baggage. You wouldn’t do it at an airport, on a road-trip, or in a different country. Why would entering into a relationship any different? Your next destination, if it is not your final, should be a stepping stone. It should carry you forward, allowing you to grow as a person, molding you experience by experience. If it hinders your growth as a person or pushes you backward in your walk, you might want to reconsider the relationship.

Above all be blessed,


One thought on “Never Leave Your Baggage

  1. This is on point mi love. Never heard it described in this clever fashion before but you are absolutely right. However, the tricky part is knowing when to rest your baggage instead of having it weigh you down when you should be enjoying yourself. When you go on vacation your baggage stays in your hotel room you’d never carry it with you to the beach but it should contain what you need to have a worthwhile time. :winks:

    This is all a part of the journey. Life is good.

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