Pulling the Wool Off

We do this every day. We walk around, going about our own business, immune to the plights of others, thinking that what we’re doing is more important, that no one else matters. We step on people’s toes, lives, heart, and feelings to satisfy our own basic needs. We forget that our brother or our sister is only human – that they matter. We walk around with the wool covering our eyes, thus blinding us from everything that is going on around us. We begin to think and believe only what we allow ourselves to think and believe, never REALLY knowing what is going on on the other side. We think we know, until we step into the light and have no idea what just hit up. We have to take a moment to collect ourselves, then figure out the next step to take.
We must pull the wool off. We must no longer to blind to our brothers. Hurting them for our pleasures. We must see and critique our actions for their worth. If you are constantly and consistently doing the same thing to hurt him or her, without cause, concern, or care for that person, you do not care for them. You can say you love them, but you’re not loving them. Know the difference. You claim that you never want to hurt that person, but you’re doing exactly that. If you are saying that you want to change, be better, and make things better, you have to put your words into action. You saying that you want to change, but doing exactly the opposite. You cannot expect that person to believe your same old tired lies, as if saying it more times means it’s more likely to happen. You can fool yourself as many times as you let yourself, but fooling another person, not even a magician can master.
I’ve fooled myself long enough. I’m pulling the wool off mine own eyes. I’m being “told about myself”, about my issues, my problems and I’m more than thankful. It’s ironic, that I write this, because I’m going through this. But when I write, I step beside myself to get my words out, then jump back in and put my $0.02 in. I was fooling myself the entire time, thinking what I thought it was, when really it was nothing close to what it REALLY was. I fooled no one else, everyone saw the fool that I had made myself. And honestly, that’s fine. I’ve learned that I’m the type of person that fails the 1st time, then rises up and shows you how to succeed the 2nd time. I’m not that good that I can do it and get it right the first time. I struggle, I fall, I fail, I fall short. But, I learn. With GOD’s help, I learned to pick myself back up, dust myself off, and try again.
We all need to pull the wool off, and stop being oblivious, acting like we’re the best of the best, like we got all of our ducks in a row. We all fall short, we all fail, we all don’t get it right the first time. THAT warrants our learning. I believe the BEST friends are the ones that tell you the 100%, cold hard TRUTH about yourself, regardless of whether it hurts or is harsh.
I think, a person’s heart is most sincere when they’re told about themselves. When they’re pinned against a wall, with no foreseeable escape route. They have neither no where to go nor no choice to make. When your heart’s sincere, when it’s 100% NOT working for your own personal benefit, that’s when you know you’re heading in the right direction. When you leave your feelings, opinions or thoughts out of whatever situation you got yourself in to, THAT’s when you’re being truthful, when you’re being real. Ulterior motives have only one place, a dictionary, so we know how to define them, that’s it.
This is me with my back against the wall. I have no moves left to make. This is no longer about me, I am no longer a factor in this equation. I’ve realized I’m more broken than I actually thought. My life is infinitely “Under Construction”. I’m coming up from that deep, dark chocolate layer that I lived in because I can’t hide it in anymore. I’m pulling the wool off my life…

Above all be blessed,


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