By Any Means Necessary…

By any means necessary I am going to become the woman that GOD is molding me to be.

By any means necessary my past tests will only transform to be testimonials, so others won’t walk in the same path of error I once strayed into.

By any means necessary I will be bold, bad, wiser, hard, tough, together, calm, cool, collected. By any means necessary love will save the day.

I was doing some deep thinking the other day, and I came to a startling conclusion. I said it before I could really marinate on what I said..and once it exited mine lips, it hit me. I said, “When I honestly take a look at my life, [my most-recent ex] was not supposed to be where I am.” I had to be real with myself and say, that I could not see him being a part of my life, I was fooling myself. Looking back on it now, I abhor the girl that I was, I wasn’t the lady, the woman that I could be. Now, that that tie is broken, I’m on the right path again..
Having said that, I realized, that I am exactly where GOD wants me to be, I am in the position which, HE would have me in. Single, happy, financially stable, and spiritually on fire. I prayed to HIM, after my breakup, to put me into a position where HE can sustain me. That prayer was prayed months ago, and while I didn’t know what HE had planned, I know now, that this moment right here, is it. I’m right on schedule. I’ve learned exactly what I’m supposed to learn, I’ve experienced exactly what HIS permissive/perfect will allowed me to. And now, HE has me here, in this position, to receive whatever blessings HE has lined up for me.

I’m not one of those girls that gets out of a relationship and looks for another one. My turn-around time is 2 years..and that’s fine with me. I don’t know when my next relationship will be. But what I am MORE than certain of, is that THAT relationship will start out as a friendship for NO LESS than 7 months, the phrase, “I love you” will NOT be thrown out until I receive word from GOD, and the “physical” won’t even matter. If you can’t tell by now, my next relationship will be my marriage. I’m claiming it, I’m speaking it into existence. I’m not saying, I’m ready, but that is what shall be.
I’m actually the type of girl that prays for her “exes”. I pray that they seek and reach the clarity that I have and that they lean not unto their own understanding, but the LORD’s. Too many young adults nowadays don’t take dating seriously. They go through the “talking” “boo/bae” stage, and when THEY want, they up the ante. Instead of waiting and relying on the consent of the LORD to guide them. Many of us, enter into relationships with people we have no business formulating a connection with in the first place. I know, I was one of them! But the LORD’s permissive will, allows us to go through certain experiences, but HIS perfect will, takes dominion. My next relationship will ONLY be what the LORD gives to me, I will ONLY walk in HIS footsteps and follow HIS plan for my life.

Worldly relationships and GODly relationships are two completely different things. Figuring out the difference is essential to figuring out the next step. Wordly relationships only satisfy the flesh. You only seek to satiate the “right now” feelings as opposed to the long term feelings. You forget to feed the spiritual aspect of the relationship because you’re “caught up”. I’m not just preaching to myself. GODly dating satisfies the LORD first and foremost. The relationship is created by HIM for the uplifting of HIS kingdom. If HE so chooses to place two people together, it is because they both shall work to give HIM the glory, honor, the praise. The flesh is decreased, the temptation is fought off, and there is NO ROOM for the devil. I don’t know about YOU, but I’m chasing after a GODly relationship…

Above all be blessed,


2 thoughts on “By Any Means Necessary…

  1. What a privilege to call such a brilliant (in every sense of the word) young lady friend.
    Love – Des’ree “You gotta be” such an awesome song.

    …If you think what you said took you by surprise then just imagine how dumbfounded I was to hear it – never in a million years did I expect you to say that or even to witness it.

    Everybody who goes by the name “Christian” and knows what it really means – wants those moments when they know that their steps are being ordered by God and that they are in the right place at the right time. There’s real comfort in knowing that God is in control.

    Also as you touched on a bit, there is no way of escaping the Sovereign Will and Ultimate Plan of God. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the intended, the accidental are all a part of God’s big picture. Finite eyes and minds cannot comprehend all that there is to see and know but we serve a God who is large and in charge and we can rest on that fact alone and fine true solace.

    I’m glad you have expectations for your next relationship and that you’ve also set boundaries now sit back and watch God work!

    You know my stance on worldly vs. godly relationships. The godly relationships often seem strange at first and we tend to want to be unsure but without a doubt they are the best things for us.

    Many blessings abound for you dear one. A husband and babies are part of that.

    Grace & Peace to you always.

    Loving you…

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