The Art of Appreciation

“I’m not asking for the world…I’m not asking to become you’re world..just the words to let me know you’re glad I’m in yours…”

Appreciation /əˌprēSHēˈāSHən/
1) The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.
2) Gratitude for something.

Appreciation..the value exceeds it’s character count. Appreciation, is a rare art form that we don’t utilize or tap into enough. Think about it, how many times do you tell someone that you appreciate them? Even if it’s for something so minute as holding a door open, or providing you with a pencil when you forgot/misplaced yours? I’m sure it slips your mind..but you’ll never forget to ask someone, “what’s good for this weekend?”..It’s a matter of where we lay our priorities and how we express ourselves. If you place priorities on going out, clubbing, drinking, smoking, “tapping that”’ll only receive what you transmit. If you put effort into showing those around you that you’re glad that they’re in your life, you’ll receive back. You can act as hard as you want or say how much you could care less about it. EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE just wants to have it MADE KNOWN that they are appreciated. Break down that brick wall around yourself, the true you, and realize that it’s the truth. I’ll be that bold and say it, I’m not afraid of the consequence.

For me, growing up was tough. I remember being about 14/15, and before my mom even came home, I’d have the dishes done, floor swept, dinner thawing, dogs walked. But when my mother walked in through the door, the only thing she seemed to do was complain about how THIS wasn’t done, or how THAT wasn’t right. She never stopped to say, “Wow, Angela, thanks, I appreciate you for this/that” While, the argument can be posed that that is what I SHOULD have been doing, NO ONE, and I MEAN NO ONE, takes pride in doing something that will NOT grant them even the SLIGHTEST bit of recognition/appreciation. I don’t think I’ve ever had the heart to tell my mother that she never appreciated me, because I know she has, I’m not dumb, I’m her daughter, I realize that. But it’s what was not said that I’d have placed value on.

The same thing is true for relationships (other than family). If you’re dating/in a relationship, I believe that an aspect to never let go of, to never get comfortable with is letting the other person know how much you appreciate them. People say that, “if you don’t do it, someone else will” Not to light a fire under your behind, but it really is true. While he/she is wishing you’d just say, “I’m glad you’re with me” or “I’m glad that you’re in my life”…someone else in the world, near or far is dying for that opportunity to tell them. You can buy him/her everything, take them out to lunch/dinner, movies, and spend all the time in the world. But sometimes all a person needs is for you to verbally appreciate them. Personally, I’m learning to take nothing in my relationship for granted. It’s a blessing that I have this person in my life and (GOD strike me down, if I’m lying), but I’m trying to do everything possible to make sure I don’t screw this one up (if it’s in GOD’s will)..I want him to know how much he means to me. And I understand the male mind, where you might not always be verbal. But the language center of the brain is the same. And the same way you always ask your homeboys or homegirls “What’s good for this weekend?” you can also say, “Thank you for being you and being with me”..He/she will value THAT 100x’s more than how much you’re willing to spend on them/do for them. Think about it. The art of appreciation isn’t complicated…If you want the person bad enough, you’ll at least try.

Above all be blessed,


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