You Know When It’s Real..

Like the sun beating down on your skin, you feel the warmth. Like the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, you feel it. When you meet eyes with someone, you feel it. You know it’s there..

You know that in that moment when something, more profound than you could have imagined happens, something bigger than you is taking place. Like planets are aligning, and celestial and cosmic bodies are solidifying. A stranger just changed your life. A glance, a thought that, “He’s the cutest boy in the room” would be the spark that started the beginning…

I’m not saying that this is the end all to the end all, that this is “The One”. But I’m saying there’s a difference. It’s like tasting the difference between faucet water & purified water – you taste it. This is purified water. Have you every been in the same room with someone, unconsciously ignoring them, but when you notice them, they’re noticing you too?..Random, spontaneous things such as cradling pasta with a fork & a spoon suddenly turn into “accidentally, on purpose” events. You think the same thing at the same finish the other person’s sentence before it was even formed, then are terrified that you even knew what they were thinking in the 1st place? Yeah..accidentally on purpose. 

Like many girls, I get lost in my day-dreams of the husband, kids, married life theme. But when I pull myself back to reality, it seems more like a glimpse of the future than a day-dream (which you manifest based on your desires). 

I can only help but to question, When do you know “it’s” real? At what point? Is there an un-fleeting, “aHA!” moment, a “….this is it…” feeling..or is it more like indigestion, it comes, lingers for a minute, then dissipates? 

I must confess, I have said in the past that I’ve been in “real” relationships….but comparatively speaking…nothing compares. Nothing that I have ever felt, felt like what THIS feels like. I’m me for the first time ever, without the need to impress anyone. I’ve never been happier, and that’s the goal right? It’s like..I’m trying to remember a point in other relationships where I reached this point of utopia and I never did. I was never so compatible with a person..I don’t have to “make it work”..because it just does. You see things more clearly when you’re not forcing the puzzles piece to fit in. Things just force. Yes, there is effort, hard-work, blood, sweat, and tears (that whole thing)..but it PALES in comparison. 

It feels like everyday is a brand new day, like it’s the 1st day. That the problems of the previous day, didn’t make the cut into the subsequent it was erased clean. 

I leave you with the thought, that you know when it’s real. You know when you have a good thing and what it took to get to that place..and you know that if you really want it..nothing will stand in your way draw you away from it. When you know it’s real, you know it’s worth it.

…..and best of all?…He’s [soo] worth it. 


Above All Be Blessed,



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