The 41-day countdown..

41 days remain in my undergraduate journey. 41 days are left of the 4 years that, undoubtedly changed my life. I’m going to be very cliche, but this has been an amazing and interesting journey. I have met a slew of people, from amazing, crazy, unforgettable, and not-so-great. I have met friends, boyfriends (past and present), and associates. I have done things that I’m not so proud of, and experienced moments that I’m glad I had. I’ve partied ’til 8 in the morning, studied my life away for countless exams, stayed up talking all night with friends, and even spent weekends in bed. I still have absolutely no idea where the 4 years have gone. It honestly seemed like just yesterday I was moving in and trying to find my way around campus. It’s crazy how fast time flies…especially when the days feel like they’re endless.

College is an amazing experience when paired with the right university, the right person, and the right time. I was right on time. And my circle is closing.

I have realized, now more than ever, that I am graduating from college. Another chapter in my life is being complete. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad (..*wipes tear from cheek*), but I’d also be lying if I said I wanted to move as far away from this place as possible. College has a way of making you very comfortable. It puts you in this bubble, where everything you could need or want is within reach. Everything  is done for you or handed to you neatly in a package telling you exactly what it is, with perfectly labelled instructions…Life is not like that so much.

 In 41 days, I leave my bubble. I leave the comforts of on-campus housing, walking to class, and friends being < 1 away. I don’t know where I’ll be going in 41 days. Probably home..but I’m not too psyched about that. 

Too many people act like life is a game, that you just play and that’s it. They spend their time buying stuff they have no business buying, drinking as if their liver is invincible, or clubbing like they have no responsibilities. I’m past that. I’ve passed that. I’ve partied, so it’s not in me anymore..I’d much rather spend an evening painting my toe-nails and cleaning/arranging the clothes in my drawer, than piss-drunk, wishing I was sober, grinding up people. I’m okay. 

While it won’t hit me all at once, in 41 days, I enter the real world, with real people, and real problems. Drinking and clubbing have no business in the real-world..and it’s upsetting to say, that some of the people in my life won’t make it in the real-world unless they get a REAL reality check. 

I’m proud to say that I have only spent 4 years in college, while most spend 5 or 6. I didn’t dick around, waste time and money. While I could had been out sooner, I’m still proud. I’m MORE than proud to say, I have neither conceived nor given birth to a child, while in college. This too happens to so many young girls and guys. I am proud to say I have not become a statistic in ANY of these categories, including my health. Many people lose themselves with they enter the realm of freedom, that is college. But not me. With all thanks to GOD and my mother, I have only become more grounded in the woman that I am. I slipped up a few times, but that only served to put me right back on track. 

In 41 days, I receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a Minor in Biology from the Florida State University…my proudest accomplishment to date. I thank GOD for keeping me on this journey, many did not make it…and many more won’t.

…But I did…


Above all be blessed,




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