More Than Words

“The best thing about a paper jam is it forces you to open up the machine & figure out what went wrong in the 1st place.” 

The issues of our lives, the problematic situations we often find ourselves in are the equivalent to paper jams. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the paper gets stuck, forcing you to open up the machine & remove the paper or simply set the paper right again. 

You are the machine. Our problems, issues, short-comings, failures, weaknesses are the paper. While we’re going through the motions of life, we’re often hit with a paper jam that throws everything off course and out of whack. 

What it means when you have to open the machine up to figure out what went wrong, translate to you have to look inside yourself to fix the problem. I recently spoke with a friend, a beautiful GOD-fearing man that told me, “Sometimes you need that transition yourself to a better position.” When a situation occurs that makes you discover something about yourself that you need to work on, change, or fix it’s hard. It’s easy to say that you’re a work in progress, that you makes mistakes, but you learn from them. But it’s harder to be IN that situation & to keep a positive outlook on the situation. Yes, I know I’ll make it out of the storm and that GOD has already started working on my next storm. 

My paper jam is communication. I have come to realize that communication is a lot more than just talking. Communication, by definition is, “a technique for expressing ideas effectively.” It is more simply being able to talk. It is the ability to get a point across without confusion, express a thought or concern, in a timely fashion.

With each passing day, I have to realize that I am no longer responsible for JUST myself. There’s someone else in my life. Someone with feelings, emotions, thoughts, concerns, problems, SOLUTIONS, opinions, and more. My actions affect this person. On a daily basis, the decisions and choices I make, affect him. My communication, and sometimes lack there of, affect him. If I am not able to tell him what I want or need, how can he be able to help me?  I know I am a woman, so I can talk. But I have to work on communicating – because communicating it more than just “words.”

The greatest part of this relationship is knowing that because of each incident or situation, I am becoming a better person. The hardest part is knowing that sometimes you’re going to have to go through some things, that they won’t able be pretty, fun, or even short in duration. It may suck, we may fight, I may cry. I think the trick is knowing that regardless of the situation what we’re going through either separately or together, that it’s an opportunity for self-growth and development – both separately and together

Once you fix the paper jam, the machines begins to run just as smoothly (and often times a bit better) than before.


Above all be blessed,





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