The Beginning of the Beginning

I think I did what I had to in the face of foreign policy.

No decision we have made in our lives is easy or without consequence. Every path that we taken leads us to a new direction in our lives. When we make [hard] decisions that have the potential to throw our path off course, it requires courage. It demands internal strength that no matter what, you keep your head down and charge head first forward.

Our options were limited. Did I want to do more? Did I try to do more? Of course!

No matter what I did. Regardless of what I said. It wasn’t going to work. My options were limited and laid out before my eyes. The outcome was already decided. Did I want to do more? Every second of every hour of every day. Did I try to do more? With every fiber of my physical being. It wasn’t that I wasn’t enough. The decision was already made.

I hope we don’t consider this a defeat – because it’s not.

Losing the battles pale in comparison to winning the war. Our life journey is not about winning all the battles and ultimately losing the war – it’s the opposite. You can get knocked down 1,000 times, but the only time when you’ll be defeated is when you don’t get back up. It’s not about how hard you get hit – it’s about how you respond to that blow. Always get back up. This is a far cry from the end. Our lives are just beginning.

Despite the circumstances. Despite the insurmountable obstacles – we tried.

For maybe months to no avail. The end result was always the end result, we just didn’t see it until it was up in our faces. Regardless of the “what could have been’s” – we tried. But this was a battle we were destined to lose. We tried..and trying is always better than never having taken the risk.

And now it’s important to know when to move on.

Each day has the potential to be exponentially greater than the previous. What we get out of our lives is directly proportional to what we put into it. When moving forward is the only option you have before you, it’s not that you’re forgetting your past. Your experiences will always be with you. They become an indelible part of you – a scar [if you will]. There’s a reason and a story behind every scar. As much as getting the scar hurt, eventually it heals. The bleeding stops…the pain subsides…and the healing process begins. You move on…

So that’s what we’re doing – we’re moving on…

Above all be blessed,



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