To William, With Love…

The transition of life is a constant. 

We are born. We live. We die. 

Those things are certain. I have lost my father. His passing is a certainty that still wrenches at my heart at any vulnerable moment. As much as I trust and love GOD…I’m not ready to accept that fate that HE is calling my grandfather home

It has been a long road to this very moment. It started with the, “who is this?”..then progressed to “who are you?”, to him not being able to recognize neither my voice nor my name. The degeneracy of his condition slow at onset, but pervasive and unrelenting. 

As time has progressed, so had this disease. It has turned a once humorously insane man into a frail, often-perverse sickly man who isn’t the man I’ve known and loved. I have a feeling my grandfather “left” a long time ago. All that remains is a sickly body.

I believe that his spirit moved on.. 

The next greatest task is deciding whether to go see him in his final stages. He’s entered Hospice care & has been placed under “DNR” – do not resuscitate. He is on no medications…only being kept “comfortable”. I’m choosing to see him while he’s still alive. This is a risk because he doesn’t look like how I’ve known him. He’s frail…quiet…

But to see him “alive”…would be the greatest blessing. To kiss his cheek & whisper in his ear that I love him would mean the world. I just want to get to him…


It is with great sadness is my heart, that I dedicate this blog to my grandfather, William Brailey, Sr. I am proud to be your “little angel”, you have been my big angel. I love you with every breath in my body. I will think of you every day. As you start your after-life, please watch over me. Keep me from harm & guide me. 

Always, your little angel

Angela-Joy B.