When It Was Good, It Was Good

I call this feeling Forgiveness. 

I cannot spend my life hating someone, or rather harnessing anger or malice. That is not my heart. Let me be 100% honest. I got this feeling, somewhere inside of my heart to be nostalgic and take a look at all the pictures and old text messages I had saved. I’m glad I did. Yes, I shed a tear or two..but only because when it was good, it was good. It was interesting..watching the beginning of something. Then watching it blossom, like the most beautiful flower. We watered it, trimmed it, and took such good care of it. It was beautiful watching it unfold on my computer screen.

And then I watched it go bad…

I’d rather reminiscence on the good, but it’d be foolish of me to not acknowledge the downfall. There are a handful of things I’d probably do over if I could – but now? I wouldn’t change a thing. I am the woman I am because of it. I’m stronger. With tears in my eyes and (ironically) Boys II Men’s “End of the Road” playing in my ears – I’m stronger.

But here is where GOD is GOD.

At this very moment, I am not angry. I don’t hate you. How can you hate someone you were “so in love with”? Harnessing negative energy will only bring negative energy into my life – and I surelllly don’t have time for that.

But, I wish you best. I wish you all the love, happiness, and light I know you deserve. You will always be in my heart. I pray that GOD blesses you beyond measure. Part of me hopes you read this – but if your eyes never touch this, I’m content with knowing GOD will put on your heart. Be blessed.


Above All Be Blessed,



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