Back to your regularly schedule programming

::::blows dust off blog::::

Phew! Now that we’ve cleared THAT out of the way, let’s get back to the original plan. Life has a good way of through curveball after curveball at you. Knocking you out of your groove, throwing your plans in the trash and laughing at you try to get yourself together. Life’s been like that for a few months. Sheesh, all of ’14. I’m glad it’s over. I don’t like wishing my time away, especially because I’ll never see it, but there are moments I won’t relive, not even in my thoughts. Well, here’s the gist! Friends are married, “friends” are nonexistent, nieces conceived, more friends engaged/married, and I’m still an educator. That’s ’14 in 140 characters. Life is still being lived where the sun sets and I’m still asking God for one thing, but getting everything I never thought I really needed. God’s funny like that, He loves giving me what I don’t think I need, but end up being eternally grateful for, like ex’s and dismantled “friendships”. 100% of those, I’m thankful no longer exist.
New goals have been sought and are being achieved daily (all God), I’m just going breath by breath. Until the moment feels right, stay blessed.