The Power of a Praying Woman

For the first time, I had to fight like I’ve never fought before.

And I was the only person that could do it.

What was a harmless, late-night workout ending up being a spiritual attack on my life. I’ve seen and heard it a lot in the church, “late in the midnight hour, God’s going to turn it around” or, “Sometimes you just have to call on the name of the Lord.” I’ve heard and seen prayer warriors, but never considered myself one. I’m a woman, yes. I know how to pray. But in the blink of an eye I became a praying woman.

So it all started when…

I laid down in my bed, turning off all electronics and trying to calm my mind from a productive day. When I closed my eyes, minutes passed and suddenly I realized that I was visualizing demons or demonic spirits. WHOA, WHAT?! That’s honestly NEVER happened. My eyes opened as if by someone eles’s doing. But I began praying. The words I spoke started to cast out whatever was in my mind. I began praying a covering over my thoughts, my life, my family, my friends. I prayed over ever corner and crevice of not only MY life, but EVERYONE IN my life. I gave God complete and total access, dominion, AND power over ALL things. All failures, all victories, all situations – EVERYTHING.

I even prayed for the husband and children, that I don’t have…

I began speaking God over every situation, circumstance, test, trial, tribulation. I called Him and his presence into my cramped room in the early morning hours. I called His army of Angels to surround everyone in my life. I prayed furiously, like I HAD no option. I didn’t stop praying. When my prayer calmed down, I could still sense that SOMETHING not of God was STILL there. WHAT. DID. IT WANT? I spoke, “Jesus!” until my spirit sensed that it was gone. I prayed so hard that I started crying and giving Him the glory, just for being Him in spite of who I was.

I did it! I passed this test with FLYING colors.

*victory dance* Someone, not of God attempted to invade my thoughts in my weakness, probably causing me to be restless, fearful and unproductive the next day. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! But instead, I did what God has been teaching me to do – to PURPOSEFULLY pursue Him. All He’s ever wanted me to was to work to reach Him. He told me He’ll neither leave nor forsake me, but I have to be DILIGENT in seeking Him. And I did that. I’m not rewarding ME in this case, I’m glorifying Him, because it was BECAUSE of Him, that I defeated something that could have pulled me further FROM Him. I did was he gave me the authority to do.

“The great triumph is not in your authority over evil, but in God’s authority over you and presence with you” – Luke 10:19-20

God, you were there with me. The second I called on you, you were there. It was some 2:30am and He met me at my need and didn’t leave, not even while I slept. The next morning, I was gifted with breath in my body and I wasn’t tired..but I should have been. ALL GOD.

That’s not even the whole story. Part of my intercessory prayer was that strongholds and chains that were on me would be BROKEN. I called them all down. I broke them with the power of prayer.

As I was heading toward my car, I got a call that my spirit needed. The presence of God and power of my prayer had world. God opened a door.

“God had opened a door, and all I had to do was walk through it” – 2 Corinthians 2:12(b)

I almost FELL OUT. Did God REALLY just show out like THAT? Not even 10 hours after my prayer session, God had given me VISIBLE evidence of His promise. And all it took was me interceding over my own life with Him in the midsts. WHEW. It may not be the, “yes!” I wanted. But the mere FACT that He SHOWED me He has all the power to open the doors of my life just blew me away.

And lastly I leave you with His promise…

“I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing. Anyone who separates from me is deadwood, gathered up and thrown on the bonfire. But if you make yourselves at home with me and my words are at home in you, you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon” – John 15:5-8 (MSG)

Be Blessed,



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